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Brewista Ratio Scale ผู้ช่วยในการดริปกาอัฉริยะ ด้วยระบบการดริปอัตโนมัติโดยระบบจะทำการการคำนวณอัตราส่วนรวมถึงระยะเวลาการดริปแบบแบบเรียลไทม์นับเป็นเครื่องชั่งที่ชาญฉลาดที่สุดในตลาดขณะนี้

เครื่องชั่งมีความแม่นยำถึง 0.1g

– รุ่นที่ทางร้านนำมาจำหน่ายเป็นจอแสงสีขาว หากอยู่ในโหมด Auto เมื่อใกล้สินค้าสุดการดริป จอจะกระพริบเป็นสีส้ม

In Auto Mode, the scale has an auto-tare function that knows when it’s time to measure your coffee or water and tares for you, reducing the number of buttons you have to press every brewing session.

It also has a built-in ratio calculator, which quickly gives you the exact amount of water you need to use based on the coffee you place in the brewer. You can adjust your desired ratio at any time.

If you’re making pour over coffee, a pouring speed guide bar moves across the screen over the course of the brewing time. Keep your bar as close to the guide bar as possible for that perfect balanced brew.

These features make it easier than ever to brew perfectly balanced coffee without having to guess about the brewing ratio and pouring speed. It’s great for home coffee lovers, but also great for cafes training new baristas.

Of course, Manual Mode allows you to brew however you’d like without any auto-taring, auto-ratios, or pouring speed guides.

The scales itself is built from durable food-safe plastic. Silicone no-slip pads are attached to the base, as well as the weighing platform, ensuring your gear doesn’t slide away accidentally. The entire scale is coated with a water resistant nano coating that’ll keep things safe for years.

The LCD screen displays all vital information clearly. The USB rechargeable battery lasts for hours on a single charge and the battery is preserved via the scale’s auto-off function.

0.1g Precision Brewing – Gives you complete control over your coffee and water down to 0.1g, empowering you to better coffee more consistently.

Pouring Speed Guide – Dual bars across the screen show you exactly how quickly to pour your water so you don’t over or under shoot the ideal brewing time.

Auto Ratio Calculator – Set your desired ratio and the scale will tell you exactly how much water you need based on how much coffee you add.

Manual Mode – Switch to manual mode to use the scale with default settings when you don’t want the help with pouring speed and ratios.

Water Resistant Coating – Spill some coffee or water? No worries.

No-Slip Base + Platform – Silicone mats keep everything exactly where they should be.

USB Rechargeable Battery – Easily rechargeable battery keeps you going at all times.

Auto Off Function – Turns off when the scale is left unused to preserve battery life.

1 x Brewista Ratio Scale
1 x Silicone Insulating Pad
1 x Clear protective Cover/Tray
1 x USB charging cable
Materials: BPA-Free Plastic, Silicone

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